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Multigrip type rivet
Multigrip type rivets : State Enterprises manufacturers multigrip type rivet to provide better grip and strength to sheet metals. Various varieties that we manufacture are aluminium multigrip rivets, steel multigrip rivets, stainless steel multigrip rivets in various dia and lengths. The diameters range from 3.2 mm dia to 6.4 mm dia. Length are availbale from 4.8 to 25.4 mm as per grip range of sheet. aluminium multigrip rivet, steel multigrip rivet, stainless steel multigrip rivet, closed type multigrip rivet, colored multigrip rivets, multigrip rivets SS 304, Multigrip rivets SS 316, 4.8mm dia multigrip rivet, 4mm dia multigrip rivets, 3/16" multigrip rivet, 5/33" multigrip rivets, multigrip rivets manufacturers in India
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